I've been online my entire adult life.

The first time I remember climbing on the WWW, it was 1994 & Royce purchased, then set up, our home computer & a new modem. After unpacking it, we connected the phone cords and waited for a connection. (Well there were a few more steps than that - if you can imagine dear young readers but you can read up on that over at WikiPedia).

While waiting to get online we opened up our little booklet that came with our AOL 3.5 floppy and said, "Who in the world has time to go to all these websites?" It was a book with a complete index of the web. (Or so it said - how would we have known if it was true or not?) There were about 200 sites listed. It took about a minute or so to connect to the internet, depending on the phone line of course. And the modem. And the processing speed on your desktop.

Fast forward to 2015 and the norm is much different. You pull your phone out of your back pocket and push a button and boom - the internet - right at your fingertips!

It makes me wonder what life will be like for my grandchildren. It's my goal to never lose touch with the inventions of tomorrow. And at the same time I long for the days when there was nothing to do. Nothing to read. Nothing to know. Except to lay and wonder about the blade of grass you found yourself staring at while you were laying in the park on a warm summers day, just listening to the sounds around you and being ever so present in the moment.

I'd think about that more but I need to go write some marketing copy for a newsletter that then has to have the HTML tweaked and some of the CSS formatted so that when it ships out it can be read on whatever mobile device the subscribers use to check their email. Because my job as a writer these days is a far cry from my original goal of being a staff attorney for Ms. magazine, working in NYC, changing the world for all the little boys and girls growing up in the new 21st century.

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By Sarah Pressler, Monday, February 23, 2015 at 7:45 AM.